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How Drop Points Work

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The following instructions will walk you through the Order, Pick up, and Pay process for Pennsylvania drop point delivery.

What You Do

To Order:

  1. For first time orders, join a drop-point (and we highly recommend reading our drop point FAQs first).
  2. Review our Food List.
  3. Add the items you need to your cart.
  4. Send the order to us by clicking the Place Order button at the end of the checkout process.

To Pick-Up:

  1. Meet us at the drop point you selected at checkout.
  2. Transfer your food from our cooler to yours.

To Pay:

  1. Payment is made online by credit card at the time of checkout (and you can save your card for future orders) or you can pay at pickup by check or money order.
  2. Please make checks payable to "The Family Cow."
  3. For safety reasons, we do not accept cash. Read more.

It's that easy! There are no strings attached, no minimum orders, and no membership fees. You don't need to order every time... it is totally up to you. We do all the organizing. All you do is place the order on time, be there to pick it up on time and pay for it. We do the rest.

What We Do

  1. Carefully pack your order in ice, in a separate cooler just for you.
  2. Invoice each order separately and include it in your cooler (so you can check our order pulling accuracy!).
  3. Email your invoice as a PDF attachment the day before delivery.
  4. Deliver your food on time to the drop point you selected at checkout.

Important Notes

  • We will be driving a white shuttle bus (airport / mini bus).
  • Along with the final confirmation email we will always give you the cell phone number of the driver. You must call him if you will be more than 5 minutes late or if there is some emergency that prohibits you from picking up your order entirely.
  • A $10.00 restocking fee will be charged for all orders not picked up.
  • If you write a check that is returned for insufficient funds, the bank charges a $20.00 fee.
  • There are order deadlines several days before delivery day. Please, be respectful of our schedule and order on time. It keeps both of us happy. :) There will be a $5 Rush Fee for orders which are more than 8 hrs late. (Read more about the rush fee here.) The full details for order deadlines are on our schedule page.


Shipping and Handling

Our S&H is percentage based. For example: We'll deliver a $30 order for $4.50 S&H and a $50 order for $7.50.

But wait... It gets better! Here is a really neat thing we do since large orders are so much more efficient for us. Once S&H for any given order hits $22.50, we cap it there. This special S&H Cap means that no matter how large your order is you'll never pay more than $22.50 to have it delivered. This makes it a very smart move to coordinate and place a collective order with several friends. We don't mind. Neither do we see group orders as gaming the system. We see it as you being wise and working together for the mutual benefit of your friends group and we love it.  As long as the order comes in as one, can be invoiced and delivered and paid as one order, we don't care how many of you went together to save on S&H.

Why do we have an S&H fee? – A lot of farms that ship food have the Shipping & Handling built into the price of their foods. That is the why they can appear to offer "free shipping." Their shipping is not really free, it's just hidden. We do not price our foods this way. For example: as I write this, our 85% lean ground beef is $6.50/lb. Most other farms that deliver organic, grass-fed, soy-free, GMO free ground beef price it between $8.00 & $9.00/lb. Even with S&H added, Family Cow ground beef is less than $7.50/lb.

If you compare and are fair I don't think you will find any shipping company in the world who will do same-day-delivery of a refrigerated, perishable, 45lb package of food for $4.50. But that is exactly what we do when we deliver four gallons of Family Cow raw milk. Yes... even when we drive three hours one way to deliver! But don't thank us. Thank the rest of the moms and dads at the drop point. This very reasonable, affordable delivery is only made possible because of the group support and cooperation of the whole Family Cow Tribe.

We look forward to providing you and your family with the best!

Your Farmers

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