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Tour the Farm

Welcome! We love visitors and our farm is always open. Please keep in mind that this is a working farm that receives no taxpayer money via government grants or subsidies. We stay in business by using our time productively and by growing and marketing foods which respect the creation and the Creator. As much as we would love to give a guided tour to everyone who comes by, we simply can't. We have literally hundreds of visitors a week. But still, you are all welcome to come. Here is what we offer.



We have an open door policy. Anyone may come anytime Monday through Saturday to see anything anywhere. Please respect the privacy of our home. We have a completely transparent farm operation and truly welcome the accountability that this openness brings. *Before coming for a self guided tour, see the Important Tour Notes below.



Guided Tours are currently unavailable for the 2015 season. But you are welcome to come for a self-guided tour I you'd like. Just be sure to read the tour notes below and be careful! For self guided tours, the adult to child ratio should be one adult for each child. $12.00 per person, led by either Edwin, Rodrick or Winfred. Offered every Wednesday at 9:30 am from May 1st through October 31st, these tours are limited to the first 20 who reserve spots. The tour length is about 1.5 hr long. Please do not ask us to vary our guided tour day. The demands of the farm work require us to keep a tight schedule. If it does not suit you on a Wednesday, you are welcomed to do a self guided tour. For a guided tour, please use the form at the bottom of this page to request a tour at least one week in advance.


Important Tour Notes:

  1. This is a real, working farm not a museum or a zoo. Come prepared to get dirty...especially if on a guided tour and the children would like to gather eggs and bottle-feed some calves.
  2. None of our animals are potty trained, so wear boots or at least some kind of washable footwear. We won't get you into anything deep, but sometimes the farm is a little wet and tacky.
  3. When we come back in from a tour, everyone will need to wash their hands and boots/shoes, especially the bottoms, before entering the farm store.
  4. We use electric fencing on the farm to protect the animals from predators and to orchestrate the movements of the cows from one section of grass to the next. The fence is safe and will not hurt anyone...even a child. But it does sting and will scare the living daylights out of a person. So, especially with the children, make sure they are aware.
  5. We use herd bulls for natural insemination. Our bulls have never hurt anyone, but the potential is always there. It is very important that no one enters their side of the fence. And it is important that the children stay near the group and respect adult direction.

We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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