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Drop Point Schedule

For a description and street address of the meeting spot, click the drop-point name on the calendar below.

Important: To precisely pinpoint the meeting spots (including satellite imagery), see Drop-Point Locations.

Also see late order policy below the calendar.

Late Order Policy

Although we always try our best to be workable and understanding with late orders, we do need this late order policy in place to keep our sanity:

  • The order deadline is clearly marked on our drop-point schedule above.
  • If you miss the deadline and yet order before 8:00 am the next day, all will be well. Please do not think of 8:00 as the deadline; it is just the end of grace. :)
  • We will need to add a $5.00 rush order fee to orders received after 8:00 am the next day.

Please understand, we are not doing this to make money.  We hope all of you order on time and we never need to give rush order fees.  It is a reality that late orders do cause a lot of stress for our family and shuffling of already finished work to fit the late order into our tightly organized system.

So, if you mess up and need to order late, go ahead.  We understand… these things happen to all of us.  We will do our level best to deliver your late order.  Just understand that there will be an extra fee. More details on the drop point FAQ page.

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