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  1. The best way to communicate with us is the 'contact form' below.  Even in emergencies and after hours, a message sent through this form will reach us much more effectively than a phone call.
  2. But if you feel you must call, the Office Phone (717-491-4004) is the second best way to reach us. Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  3. Farmer's Cell#: Feel free to call 717-729-9730 with questions about farm philosophy, management practices or in-depth raw milk details. Or, you may call 717-729-1215 for all of the above, plus website questions.
  4. Mailing Address and On-Farm Raw Milk and Healing Foods Store Address:

        3854 Olde Scotland Rd
        Chambersburg, PA 17202

Contact Form

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