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3854 Olde Scotland Rd
Chambersburg, PA 17202


Our family is away in Guatemala for Rodrick and Jeanette's wedding. We left the week of October 19th and will not be back until the week of Nov 10th.  

But no worries. The Family Cow team is very capable. And they are all dedicated to work overtime to keep the cows milked, the eggs gathered, the cheese made, chickens fed… and butchered. Plus they’ll be responsible to keep all your real-food orders processed and packed and delivered on time just like usual. Our crew is so super! We love them and trust them completely. I’m sure all will go well.

But...they will still be very short handed. So please, remember these few things.

  • The speed of email question response will likely be slower. We usually spoil you with same-day or same-hour answers to your questions. I know. I’m just warning you to not expect that super level of service during our family’s absence. It just ain’t gonna happen. The crew will try to respond to urgent order related questions but even with those, try to give several days lead time. Questions that can wait will probably have to do just that.
  • If you order after the deadline, instead of a $5.00 rush fee, you might just not get your order. Late orders stress our tightly orchestrated system anytime let alone when a bunch of us are out of the country. So just be forewarned and order ahead of time to be sure. Remember, there’s no rule that says you can’t order 12 to 24 hours before the deadline!
  • Please don't be late for your drop point food pickup. It's always true that late folks make a driver's day hectic...but especially over this time please don't put our drivers through this. Fifteen minutes early is fine. On-the-dot arrival is fine. Anything later starts getting iffy!  :)
  • Do not ask the drop point driver to make change. The drop points are very fast and efficient and the driver does not have a cash register. This is not Walmart. Please be respectful. You have three options. 1. Pay with credit card when you place your order. 2. Have a check already made out to hand the driver. We send you the exact invoice a day ahead so you can prepare. There is no excuse to come up to the driver and say, "What do I owe and may I borrow your pen?"  3. Pay the driver with cash that is pre-counted. If you do not want to count the small change, then give the driver the nearest whole dollar. He doesn’t have time to count the change either. He is one extremely busy man, as any of you who have been to a busy drop can testify.

So anyway, I just thought I'd mention these few things since my heart goes out to our team on the farm. I know they will be maxed out and I want to help you make their life as stress free as possible.

We Shanks will be back just in time to get your turkeys all butchered, packaged and delivered in time for Thanksgiving. We'll all be back by the 10th...except for Rodrick and Jeanette, that is. They no doubt will be totally and blissfully oblivious to all of us...on their honeymoon somewhere along the coast of Belize.

Hey! Rodrick! Your mother and I got our 25th anniversary coming up in August next year! Just sayin.

  • Edwin Shank:  ***-***-**** (farm philosophy and raw milk questions)
  • Rodrick Shank:  ***-***-**** (farm, raw milk, order & payment questions)
  • Office:  717-491-4004 (order & payment questions, M-F, 8-5)

The contact form below is the best way to contact us, even for emergencies.

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